Price: CZK 4,840.00 incl. VAT

The weight: 430 grams +- 5 grams

The model ZERO 07 development ran for two years. We have tried many types of carbon fibers and finally carbon of a highest possible quality and prestige was used. Extra thin fiber from the Japanese manufacturer. This type of material has been developed and saturated with a new type of resin, all according to our requirements.

The shaft of the hockey stick is of r4.5 angular shape that allows a perfect holding of the stick. The shaft is composed by a unique system of laying the diagonal and horizontal fibers. High strength carbon fiber is used on the surface.

Thanks to extra-thin carbon fiber, we were able to apply up to twenty differently crossed and specially laid layers of carbon fibers by a rolling system.

The hockey stick blade is composed totally of carbon. When using the extra thin fiber, we designed a blade, the parameters of which meets the strictest standards. Everything is based on a special foam core, which is horizontally connected by several carbon strips. Layers of carbon fiber, which connect all into one unit, are spread to this block.

The ZERO 07 hockey stick constructed by us weights only 430 grams. It is very durable, has a hard shot and a perfect pass. There is a lot of manual work on the whole stick. We used all possible and available systems used worldwide in the production of hockey sticks during development and the production.

The weight of the stick is 430 grams.

We produce sticks with a grip, but upon customer request we also offer the sticks without a grip.

We offer the possibility of printing out your own logo.

We offer Flex, or the taper, from 60 FLEX.

FLEX: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110

We can offer blades curves:
L/R 22
L/R 44
L 55
L 66

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